List of The Great Books Dude’s Publications

The Great Books Dude doesn’t just read–he writes, too, of course!  Here are a list of his books, in order of publication date,with their Amazon links:

1) The Bubble Boys: How Mistaken Educational Ideals and Practices are Causing a Warped Social Fabric (2011):

2) The Decline of the Epic? (2012):

3) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 1 (2013):

4) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 2 (2013):

5) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 3 (2014, Preface by Ira Fistell):

6) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 4: American History, 1776-1860 (2014, Preface by Erwin Chemerinsky):

7) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 5, American History, 1861-1917 (2014, Preface by Elizabeth T. Adams):

8) Essays on the Classics!: Volume 6, American History, 1918-Watergate (2014):

9) Idols of History: High Renaissance Italy:


Enjoy and Bon Voyage!!


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