Classics Read in 2014

Most of the books I have read this year are for my Essays on the Classics! series.

Xenophon–Socrates’ Defense

Xenophon–Memoirs of Socrates

Xenophon–The Dinner-Party

Xenophon–The Estate-Manager

Einhard–Life of Charlemagne

Notker the Stammerer–Life of Charlemagne

Benvenuto Cellini–Autobiography

Francis Bacon–Essays

Alexander Pope–The Rape of the Lock

Nathaniel Hawthorne–The Marble Faun

Jefferson Davis–The Fall of the Confederate Government

Booker T. Washington–Up From Slavery

Andrew Carnegie–The Gospel of Wealth

Andrew Carnegie–Autobiography

Mark Twain–Roughing It

Bertrand Russell–The Problems of Philosophy

William James–Pragmatism

Lawrence S. Ritter–The Glory of Their Times

Woodrow Wilson–Fourteen Points

Woodrow Wilson–On Being Human

John Kenneth Galbraith–The Great Crash, 1929

John Kenneth Galbraith–The Affluent Society

Herbert Hoover–American Individualism

John F. Kennedy–Profiles in Courage

Reginald Rose–Twelve Angry Men

Martin Luther King, Jr.–Stride Toward Freedom

Martin Luther King, Jr.–Why We Can’t Wait

Malcolm X–The Autobiography of Malcolm X (ghostwritten by Alex Haley)

James D. Watson–The Double Helix

Thomas S. Kuhn–The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Walter Bagehot–Physics and Politics

C.S. Lewis–The Abolition of Man


Started But Not FInished

Dean Acheson–Present at the Creation

Milton Friedman and Anna Schwarz–A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960

Richard Hofstadter–The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It

Sigmund Freud–The Interpretation of Dreams

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