Classics Read in 2013

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Went through a stretch in April, May, and June where I was unable to read nearly anything serious, working my butt off.  😀  Still, however, no school will hire me as a teacher!

Archimedes–On the Equilibrium of Planes, The Sand-Reckoner

Sallust–Catiline’s War, The Jugurthine War, fragments of his Histories

Cicero–“First Oration Against Catiline,” “Second Oration
Against Catiline,” “Third Oration Against Catiline,” “Fourth Oration Against
Catiline,” “Oration in Defense of Publius Sylla,” “Speech in Defense of Aulus
Licinius Archias,” “Speech in Defense of the Proposed Manilian Law,” “First
Oration Against Antonius,” “Second Oration Against Antonius,” “Ninth Oration
Against Antonius.” “Fourteenth/Last Oration Against Antonius”, On Moral Duties

Caesar–The Gallic WarThe Civil War (includes Alexandrian WarAfrican War, and Spanish War–but Spanish War does not look like it’s Caesar’s)

Livy–History of Rome, Books XXXI-XLV


Plutarch–“On Listening”, “How to Distinguish a Flatterer from a Friend”, “On the Avoidance of Anger”, “On God’s Slowness to Punish”, “On Socrates’ Personal Deity”, “In Consolation to His Wife”, “On the Use of Reason by ‘Irrational’ Animals”, “Whether Athens is More Famous for Military or Intellectual Exploits” (essays)

Ammianus Marcellinus–The Later Roman Empire (354-378 AD)

The Venerable Bede–Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Dante–De Monarchia

Chaucer–The Legend of Good Women

Sir Thomas Malory–Le Morte D’Arthur

Martin Luther–Ninety-Five Theses

Desiderius Erasmus-In Praise of Folly

William Gilbert–On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies, and the Great Magnet Earth

David Hume–Of the Populousness of Ancient Nations, “Of the Original Contract,” “Of Passive Obedience,” “Of the Coalition of Parties,” “Of the Protestant Succession,” “Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth,” “Of Moral Prejudices,” “Of the Middle Station of Life,” “Of Impudence and Modesty,” “Of Love and Marriage,” “Of Avarice,” “Of Suicide,” “Of the Immortality of the Soul,” “Of Some Remarkable Customs,” “The Epicurean,” “The Skeptic”

William Penn-“An Essay Towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe”

James Boswell–Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.

Jefferson Davis–The Rise of the Confederate Government

Tolstoy–War and Peace

Woodrow Wilson–Congressional Government

Theodore Roosevelt–The Rough Riders

WEB Du Bois–The Souls of Black Folk

Leon Trotsky–History of the Russian Revolution (abridged)

George Orwell–“Such, Such Were the Joys…”, “Charles Dickens”, “Rudyard Kipling”, “The Art of Donald McGill”, “Raffles and Miss Blandish”, “Shooting an Elephant”, “Reflections on Gandhi”, “Marrakech”, “Looking Back on the Spanish War”, “Inside the Whale”, “England Your England”, “Boys’ Weeklies”

Thorstein Veblen–The Vested Interests and the Common Man, The Nature of Peace and the Terms of Its Perpetuation, “Why is Economics not an Evolutionary Science?”

I began Grotius’ The Rights of War and Peace but put it down a few hundred pages in.

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