More from Churchill

“Since the War we have learned from German records what happened to the Glowworm. Early on the morning of Monday the 8th [April 8 1940] she encountered first one and then another enemy destroyer. A running fight ensued in heavy sea until the cruiser Hipper appeared on the scene. When the Hipper opened fire, the Glowworm retired behind a smoke-screen. The Hipper, pressing on through the smoke, presently emerged to find the British destroyer very close and coming straight for her at full speed. There was no time for the Hipper to avoid the impact, and the Glowworm rammed her 10,000-ton adversary, tearing a hole forty metres wide in her side. She then fell away crippled and blazing. A few minutes later she blew up. The Hipper picked up forty survivors; her gallant captain was being hauled to safety when he fell back exhausted from the cruiser’s deck and was lost.”

i don’t know, this doesn’t seem as brave to me as changing your gender or calling out racism/sexism/fascism/homophobia/Islamophobia/anti-Semitism. Actually it seems cowardly because violence is always bad no matter what the circumstances are. Why Churchill thinks otherwise–this beats me!

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