Review of Murder on the Orient Express

Modern entertainment is so unbelievably fucking bad it is not even funny. I could have forgiven the new Murder on the Orient Express its unnecessary introduction of a racial component–multiple times over–its unnecessary physical fights–twice–and its ridiculous attempt at Hercules Poirot’s mustache.

But I cannot come to grips with why every movie seems to end with a ridiculous extended dialogue which always involves an ultimatum and/or an unnecessary sobbing. In this case it makes a mockery of the previous two hours, in which we have found out that twelve tough-minded people did not accept the failure of the justice system to root out and punish a mobster-murderer who caused the deaths of three of their friends. This scene has literally no value. It is not entertaining and it is not instructive and it does nothing to engage me. I walked out halfway through it.

Murder on the Orient Express is a great story and doesn’t need that. What a joke.