Reading List Updates!

Hello All–

The reading list expands as follows:

1) Alexis de Tocqueville–The Ancien Regime and the Revolution

2) Nicholas Eberstadt–Men Without Work

3) Gary Scheiner–Think Like a Pancreas

4) Frederick the Great (with Voltaire)–Anti-Machiavel

5) Cesare Beccaria–On Crimes and Punishments

6) Paul Brickhill–The Great Escape

7) Isaiah Berlin–Against the Current

8) The Arabian Nights (Volume I)

9) Voltaire–The Age of Louis XV (Volume I)

10) Montesquieu–Causes of the Grandeur and the Decadence of the Romans

Plus selections from Will Durant, The Age of Faith, and Will and Ariel Durant, The Age of Voltaire

Am I writing a book about the French Enlightenment? Guilty as charged.


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