The Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA Royalist

The NBA needs to get rid of the 3-pointer. I apologize but watching J.R. Smith chuck up 17 of them and watching the Cavaliers in general highlights a truth that is too often overlooked: you can shoot more 3s, and hit a significantly lower percentage, and win games because the value of the 3 relative to the 2 or the free throw is so high.

The Cavaliers are only doing the logical thing, but it’s not the kind of thing I would pay money to see and you shouldn’t, either. When you fork over the big bucks you do so in order to see extremely skilled athletes. One of those skills is good shooting. The 3-pointer makes everyone into a bad shooter with the exception of Kyle Korver and Steph Curry, and Curry has a lot more to his game that makes him entertaining to watch. Guards who would have shot 50% in the more physical 1990s now shoot 40%; centers play like guards, and a player like Kevin Durant wastes his physical resources, size and speed, by trying to be a shooting guard rather than a power forward.

Good grief.


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