Applause to Indiana and Arkansas for having guts.  I cannot tell on the surface if someone is a homosexual; the only way I will know is if they advertise it to me.  (This is not true of other minorities–I can usually tell if someone is not white without them saying anything.)  And the only way in which a homosexual is distinct is in their sexuality–so who are they to tell me not to think about what this really means if they do so?  The very idea of homosexuality is disgusting.  If a business owner finds it disgusting that they advertise it to him and doesn’t want to play their game then it should be his ability, as a citizen in the free world, to act on those beliefs.

This is not a ‘bigoted’ claim.  I have plenty of respect for other creeds and other beliefs.  I do not, however, have respect for something just because its adherents attempt to compel me to.  I value my independence of thought and protect it as I do no other asset. You cannot force people to respect your position by drawing attention to yourself in the way that the homosexual community does.  You must earn their respect by behaving in ways that command it.  The homosexual community refuses to do this.

Perhaps the best story of the spring was Daniel Murphy, New York Mets second baseman, saying of Billy Bean (MLB’s ‘Inclusion Ambassador’ who is gay, not the Oakland A’s GM) that he did not agree with his lifestyle, but respected him as a person and appreciated what he was bringing to the game.  The gay and liberal communities went bonkers.  They were highly offended.  This was not Tim Hardaway’s famous ‘I hate gay people so I let it be known’–but they made no distinction.  What are these people, idiots?

It is not that I dislike all homosexuals as people.  If they just don’t advertise it to me then I don’t have any problem with them at all.  Nobody compels them to advertise it.  It is that I find it absurd that they advertise their sexual perversity for the world to see, then complain that the world sees it and judges it negatively.  If I pull down my pants in public and refuse to pull them up, and people throw rocks at me, are they to blame?  If I declare that I want to marry two women so I can have a threesome every night, can I claim ‘oppression’ when the law tells me I can’t do so?  Do we even know what the word ‘oppression’ means anymore?

The politics of victimization has gone way too far.  We need more states like Indiana and Arkansas, and a more confident outlook for ‘normal’ beliefs.  There is nothing wrong with them.


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