An Attempted Assassination

My bookshelf tried to assassinate me this morning.  I had thought it would appreciate my efforts to lend it an image evoking the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I thought I had treated it well, loading it with classics both fiction and non, providing it the finest inhabitants of history.

Instead it resisted me, resisted my wicked lust to place Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion on it.  It feared that this addition would constitute a defilement; that its honor would be compromised.

Why do I suspect that it had secret telepathic communication with Garfy the fat cat?

Alas, the bookshelf died a sad death this morning, for it could not have done the kind of damage to me that it sustained in its attempt at me.  I, for one, would have advised against it!

Book Reviews

Hi All–

With the name ‘Great Books Dude’ I naturally get a lot of requests for book reviews.  While I am more than happy to help other prospective authors out, both with reviews and with pre-submission editing, I also should explain that Great Books refers to a specific canon of (mostly) Western Literature of which I am very fond:

At the moment I am loaded with my own reading to do for the Essays on the Classics! series, especially the European History volumes which I am currently researching and writing.  These volumes look at how ideas interacted with place and time to shape men, with the understanding that men shape history.  The research is extensive, and includes not only the enormous volume of classics (not all included on the sample list on Wikipedia) but biographies of major actors on the European stage across five centuries.  The classics themselves range from Erasmus’ Julius Excluded from Heaven, at 45 pages, to Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, at 1800+ pages, and Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion at 1500+ pages.  And they include all genres.  All told I believe it will constitute over 30,000 pages of reading, and another 1500+ of writing.

In order for me to help other authors I need to have some reason to do so, and as much as I regret having to do this it is the only way I can.  Thus the following will be my rates:

25 cents per page for all works

For works of longer than 250 pages, and for each 250 pages beyond that, an extra $15.

Included in my editing and/or reviews will be everything ranging from grammatical reconstruction and technical writing analysis (organization, stylistic presentation, strength of argumentation) to analysis of themes and ideas and presentation of possible improvements.  This is comprehensive and I will not shortchange you.  I will do my best to review them quickly, and you can trust that my judgments will be fair and well-thought-out.

I would like to edit and/or review at least 50 books this year, and more than that next year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and Best Regards,

–The Great Books Dude!