The Ray Rice Narrative

We live in a society where a free and open press is essential to the proper political functioning of the state.  But within the last month there has been a major problem in the way our media has been reporting issues, both political and otherwise.  Here, then, are some thoughts on why the media’s treatment of the Ray Rice fiasco disgusts me–completely–and should disgust you, too:

1) Rice has no track record; if asked before April who would be the next to commit a crime, his name may have been the last one mentioned;

2) Abuse is something that appears in patterns, not isolated incidents, and is unprovoked. Rice was provoked. And the lady does not show external signs of repeated abuse. There is nothing to suggest that the word abuse is being applied properly here.

3) The media simultaneously laments the thuggification of black men in its reporting of the Ferguson incident, then thuggifies Rice.

4) When they refer to the lady as his ‘then-fiancée,’ it is not because she has since dumped him. She has in fact since married him. There are protective services available for victims of abuse if they wish to get out of their abusive relationships. Certainly she was not forced to do this. And more likely than not she was also not manipulated into it.

5) No dissenting voice has been heard–or allowed to speak.

6) A court of law imposed minimal punishment.

7) The NFL is being attacked for imposing too lightly when in fact it came down harder on Rice than did the courts, who had the same evidence if not more.

8) The videos that the NFL supposedly ignored are in fact inconclusive. Someone that strong doesn’t know what his own strength is, especially when angry or provoked.

9) Calls for the resignation of Roger Goodell are completely over-the-top.

10) Media claims that drug users with repeated violations are less problematic than Rice with one incident of questionable behavior are absurd. Of course the erratic guy is more dangerous!

11) People make mistakes, especially under pressure.

And 12) The media is engaged in character assassination rather than unbiased reporting. And they are assassinating not one but two characters. They are just out for blood.

I don’t condone Rice’s actions but God, he has gotten a raw deal.