A Week of Reading

This week was, of all weeks in the last year, possibly the most productive.  I finished the following:

Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward

The Battle of the Books by Jonathan Swift

“The Logicians Refuted” and “The Puppet Show” by Swift

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (a cool 637 pages)

A Plea for Captain John Brown by Henry David Thoreau (this was a re-read)

Next week the items on the agenda are The Secret Man by Bob Woodward, re-read of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and some portion of the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.

Beyond that I know I need to read Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography and The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and possibly Chapters of Erie, if only for these volumes on American History that I am writing.

Should be an interesting, and a fruitful, period.