Book signing on Saturday

I am having an essay launch/book release gathering on Saturday at 1 pm (lasting until 2:30) at Woodranch Park in Simi Valley.  That’s where I play basketball, and if anybody brings a ball I am also happy to teach you fellows a few lessons on the court–beware of three-pointers from way out yonder because I play like a huge guard offensively (though I’m not afraid at all to play the post and defensively I can guard all 5 positions equally well).  Lord knows if anyone cares enough to show up, but I have 40 copies at my disposal and will be signing them for those who please to buy them.

To get to Woodranch take the 118 W (if you are coming from the Los Angeles area) and get off at the Madera Road South exit, then hang a right onto Madera and go for about 2.5 miles to Woodranch Parkway.  Make a left there, pass the first light, and at the next small intersection (no light) there is a left-turn pocket; head in there and turn left, then make an immediate right into the parking lot.

Also I am reading a FASCINATING book called The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan, by Ivan Morris, first published in 1975.  I enjoy reading about Eastern cultures every now and again, especially Japan, for which I have some bizarre deep affinity.  I think everyone here knows I studied Japanese in high school–or you should, because you should have long ago checked out my full reading list,and it’s mentioned right at the beginning–on top of a couple other languages.  (I have a whole chapter in The Decline of the Epic? on comparative linguistics and the consequences of the rise of the English language for epic poetry, which I was able to do well not because I’ve taken the subject but because I’ve studied so many languages of different linguistic groups.)  This book cements my feeling of attachment to Japan.  Here’s to the Great Books program succeeding and my being able to afford a trip to Japan in a few years.  Or to some rich young woman taking me there on an all-expenses paid trip with her.  Kinda like the latter idea.


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