A Papers, and then some!

So it’s been an interesting few weeks.  Obviously everyone here knows about my recent publication–if you don’t, see my last post–but the bigger part is that I’ve started to get my friends to allow me to help them.  For a long time they were resistant to it, and also wouldn’t refer me any work.  Now the big key is that I have to get them to do well, and that’s not always so easy when working with friends.

So how has it gone so far?

The first friend I helped was a basketball buddy–someone I ABUSE IN THE POST &c, and also from behind the three-point line–who needed to write a paper how character and setting contribute to meaning in Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron.”  I’d read this story when I was at Pierce College taking English 101 and remembered it fairly well, and we wrote it on the destructive nature of totalitarianism both in terms of Vonnegut’s own experiences and how he uses the story to bring those out.  It seemed that he didn’t quite understand how I brought the whole thing out, but he took my advice and wrote the paper as I recommended.  The result: an F-.  I kid, I kid.  He texted me this weekend to inform me that he had gotten a 92.

The second friend I helped was an old classmate of mine at Pierce College.  We took Environmental Science together in the Fall of 2008 and I had tutored him for the final, but this is different because it’s not peer tutoring.  He graduated from LMU, but he still has one more writing class that he needs to finish, and he’s in it now, with, apparently, a very boring old lady as the instructor.  He was asked to write a paper on Nietzsche’s conception of truth in Beyond Good and Evil.  Now I am not a fan of Nietzsche, and I find him to be not only arrogant but completely abstruse and unable to connect words with meaning very often.  I find teachers who teach his works to be dull, and I think they must know next to nothing because there are so many great philosophers out there who they have to overlook to teach this nincompoop.  But when it comes to writing, that’s my gift.  So I helped my pal out.  He got his score back tonight, and called me with the news: a 95.

If you ever wonder what my results are and whether I can teach writing, there’s your answer.


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