Kershaw’s Dominance

I think everyone is aware that I am a die-hard Dodgers fan (with due apologies to any Giants fans who may be reading this).  Today I want to make a note about the dominant performance turned in by Clayton Kershaw last night, which I didn’t see–I live without television–but most of which I heard on the radio.

I plan to use books about baseball teams to teach a course on what differentiates a great baseball team from a good one–you can find an explanation towards the bottom of I am not only going to teach books about classical literature, as my goal in general is to teach on how to process and absorb information of all kinds.  This course would discuss the early 1900s Giants, the 1919 Black Sox, the 1960 Reds, the 1964 Cardinals and Yankees, the 2001 Yankees and the 2003 A’s, among others, and would look at book-length descriptions of events surrounding the teams to explore everything from batting averages to power to defense and speed to pitching, looking at how they help determine who wins multiple World Series titles and who doesn’t.  They would also examine clubhouse attributes and managerial tendencies and roster composition.

One thing that would come up fairly frequently–as it is common knowledge and clearly true–is the value of starting pitching to a great team.  While I am not yet going to place the Dodgers in the category of great teams–they have not won one World Series, let alone multiple titles–what is increasingly clear as Kershaw develops (what do I mean develops–isn’t he already the greatest pitcher of the modern era??) is that the Dodgers have the right stuff to wind up in this class of teams.

And boy, am I a happy guy!


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