Subscriber Testimonial

One of the subscribers to my essays said the following: “I very much enjoyed your essay this week. you are an excellent writer…I know that because you piqued my interest in something for which I had little interest previously.”

The same is often said to me of my teaching, so it is worth keeping in mind–if you are going to discard my program as uninteresting to you and everyone you know, as so many have done–that you may not be seeing things from the most ideal perspective.  This also comes from someone who tends to be very conservative and cautious in issuing praise, to put it lightly.

As always I am looking for more subscribers and more students (and more readers for my books), and the sooner, the better–so please contact me ASAP, either by phone–(310) 592-5681–or through the box below.


2 thoughts on “Subscriber Testimonial

  1. Jason, I am proud of you. Keep going, young man. Have not had a chance to get back to you. I am still trying to find a comfortable fit in the job market (assisting teachers and students), not looking for perfection, till retirement. I like advising students and young people, maybe I will switch to that during retirement. As always, keeping my eye on you. Sincerely, Lynn LeBean

    • Awesome–if you wind up advising them, make sure they call me about my Great Books program. (Also if you don’t wind up advising them, I’m giving 10% for referrals, so if you send people my way I will gladly write you checks. It adds up.) Have you tried private schools?

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