Press Release!

Atlanta, August, 2013: DIP Publishing House has released its NEWEST title;

‘The Decline of The Epic’ by Jason Goetz. The ‘Decline of The Epic’ challenges our very notion of literary greatness, in a world that largely embraces the most watered down versions of what is called literature.

This well written body of work will forever change our perception of “today’s writings” in comparison to the passion filled, intellectually sound expressions of those from the past. From Homer’s ‘Iliad’ to Stephen Vincent Benet’s ‘John Brown’s Body’, there is no lack of greatness on display throughout this book.

We are both happy and proud to publish ‘The Decline of The Epic’ and fully support its cause in bringing aboutimprovementsthroughouttheliteraryworld.

Currently the ebook is available through Mr. Goetz is available for appearances and interviews by phone, online, and in person.

For details, please contact Media Relations at:


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