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Hi All–

Apologies for my juvenile behavior–I’m still a kid, after all, and that’s what makes learning fun for kids.  Our educators have forgotten this.  Hence parents demand that educators act “professional” (when many of them can’t even spell the word), then complain that their kids are disinterested and poor students.  Whoops.

Today I am publishing an essay examining Aeneas as a Six Sigma leader.  It is a classic adaptation of classic literature to business management through a character analysis.  This is, in fact, one of the many virtues of classical learning, and it is why those who claim that it is profitless are themselves bound not to make very much.  I believe that everyone should be looking at this essay, as it is short–2.5 pages–and cheap–$3 (the minimum Kindle will let me sell for, as I found out when I tried to make it $2).  

The Aeneid was definitely not my favorite epic, but I still have a lot to say about it.  One doesn’t have to like everything they learn, but one does have to keep an open mind and consider ideas with which they disagree.  Case in point: I read Marx. Ugh.  And Augustine.  But he’s at least impressive at the end of the day.


2 thoughts on “Publication in Process

    • I will say I dislike the Aeneid because of VIrgil–who I feel copies Homer too much–and not because of Aeneas. The hero making bad decisions is generally entertaining, it’s just that a lot of what Aeneas encounters is too parallel to Odysseus and Achilles, and Homer is beyond doubt the greatest of all the epic poets, so Virgil comes off as a pale imitation. (Tell Dante I said that!)

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