Review of The Decline Of The Epic?

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Today I am posting a brief review that was written about The Decline of the Epic? by longtime talk show host Ira Fistell, excerpted from his monthly newsletter, Topics.  I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts:

“The second book I’m going to discuss is totally different but no less fascinating.  It is The Decline of the Epic? by Jason Goetz.(Full disclosure: Jason was my student in high school several years ago.)  The author discusses the significance of epic poetry in societies from Homeric Greece to Twentieth Century America, and presents a theory that the flourishing and eventual drying up of epics reflects the status of the societies which produce them.  This is a work of scholarship, but without pedantry, and it is most amazing that it was written when the author was in his early twenties.  Get it on Kindle and tell your literary friends about it!”

Ira owns and has read over 4,000 books–this not including library rentals and other such tomes as he does not own–so I count it as an achievement that he thinks highly of my work.

Hopefully you will read it and like it!


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