“But a democrac…

“But a democracy can only obtain truth as the result of experience, and many nations forfeit their existence while they are awaiting the consequences of their errors.”

Alexis de Tocqueville telling you why all of you and all of your kids should be in my Great Books program.


2 thoughts on ““But a democrac…

  1. Great quote. I remember the variation of this in the movie “The American President.” Describing democracy, the president said “America is advanced citizenship. You have to want it real bad.” To me this meant you have to do your homework and keep politicians honest. This is harder today in our world of “truthiness” quoting Stephen Colbert. I hope you get your readers. BTG

    • Here I thought Kim Kardashian was the most important figure in modern America!!

      I just don’t get it…these people all know the educational system isn’t working. I think one reason they’re not responsive to me though is that they’ve had such bad experiences with it that they don’t think it’s worth trying anything more; but then people blame me for trying to operate outside of the system, with the kind of work ethic and diligence that requires. We’ll see. I have a few students out here but obviously am hoping for a lot more. It is still early yet.

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