The Big Aristotle

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I woke up a little late this morning, as yesterday I had gone to the Dodgers-Yankees game and survived the madhouse.  I must admit I was led to wonder how “express” the “Dodger Stadium Express” is when it took an hour to get from Union Station to the ballpark (normally an 8-10 minute ride) and another hour to get from the ballpark back to Union Station (normally less than an 8-10 minute ride as traffic has died down), but I made it nonetheless, while walking some family who was in town through one of the seediest parts of LA in the process, after everyone got sick of sitting on the bus and hopped off.

I will limit my sports posts in general, though I think it essential to keep in mind that sports are one manifestation of the ideas inherent to the classics, but this morning I came across another fantastic application of the classics to sports: namely Shaquille O’Neal’s famous interview where he said that in college he’d come across this great “Greek philosopher dude” named Aristotle who said that “excellence is not a singular act, it’s a habit.  You are what you repeatedly do.”  To most of you this probably sounded a lot more like “bubbbbarurubbubbbabmuh”, but in fact he did quote Aristotle, and gave himself the nickname “The Big Aristotle”.  The quote is from, I believe, the Nicomachean Ethics, which if you follow my blog carefully you will remember from a previous post:

So when I woke up this morning to find a reference to a Reader’s Digest issue which misattributes the original quote to Shaq, I nearly shit my pants.  This was an all-time classic!

Ahhh, Lord.


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